And… action!


This is the kind of chat you tend to see a lot of around New Year, but do you pick an intention or word to live by? I prefer it to making resolutions as it gives me a kind of anchor to my life and a theme to return to.

My word of the year this year was ACTION and let me tell you, life has far from stood still.  While you may not have seen much of me doing anything in the digital space, IRL I have been living life in all its messiness and lurching ups and downs. Including…

  • Finishing a medical negligence case that took six and a half years to complete
  • House hunting for an adaptable forever home
  • Settling the smallest one into a new nursery
  • Starting a mum-focused dinner party business (on hold for now but soon to resurface in a different guise)
  • Prolonged illness from T, many hospital visits, hundreds of hours of pain and tears
  • Gastrostomy surgery so T can be fed and hydrated properly via a tube into his stomach
  • Therapy – mine and T’s, different but equally important
  • A lot of of work on myself via a parenting course, more Motherworthy, talking therapy, reflection
  • Embracing the sober curious movement (which warrants a whole post to itself)
  • Resuming wine o’clock when life got tough
  • Rik’s 40th birthday
  • Epic summer of holidays, therapy trips and festivals

Now that 2019’s big life events are over (as far as I am aware) I’m paying attention to what I need and WANT to do. I’m feeling SO called to writing and the pull inside me is getting stronger. It takes effort though. Starting with putting my bum on the seat.

I first had the idea for this blog around a year ago. I wrote a first post, drafted another and then it’s been in the ruminating stage ever since. 

During this time I’ve come up with some cracking ideas. Most are in my head or long forgotten – I get my best inspiration in the shower but that’s the least useful place for making a note of things. In place of mourning all this wasted content, I choose to see it as laying the groundwork for what I want to be a big project for me. I have a fully fledged business plan for this Otherhood stuff and am finally ready to set off on that path.

Finally the time has come to take action on this, a project that stokes my soul fire and puts me in touch with my creativity. I have plans for blogs, books, courses, world domination (OK, not that last one) and would love to take you along for the ride.

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